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FPA provides "Worry Free, Fixed Fee" Managed IT Support Services so that our clients take a more proactive and cost effective approach to managing and maintaining their IT Infrastructure.
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FPA provides "Worry Free, Fixed Fee" Managed IT Support Services so that our clients take a more proactive and cost effective approach to managing and maintaining their IT Infrastructure.
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Switch to a Greener Strategy to Save Money


Julia Liapidova, Faye, Pollack & Associates, Inc.

March 11, 2009

Going “green” is not just a marketing gimmick; switching to “greener” technology can help your business save a significant amount of money every year.  From tracking down more energy-efficient hardware to using IT to implement “greener” business practices, there are changes you can make today to immediately and significantly impact your bottom line.


Green Tech Self-Exam:  Am I Wasting Money Right Now?

Here are a few questions to use as starting points:

Have you implemented a policy requiring employees to shutdown their computers at the end of each day? 

If not, use this Online Energy Savings Calculator to find out how much you could be saving annually.  Implementing and enforcing a simple Computer Use Policy that requires employees to power down workstations at the end of each day could be the first step to saving thousand of dollars. Another option to consider when looking to implement and execute energy saving policies is outsourcing your IT work to a provider who can manage all of your network processes without interfering with your business day; this is often termed "managed services."

Have you begun the transition to a paperless office?

If going completely paperless is not part of your current strategy, it is important to at least examine pain areas that are draining time and resources and eliminate them with a strategy that makes more sense for your business.  Transitioning to a paperless office can save you thousands of dollars every month as printing, storage, and labor costs will be significantly reduced or eliminated. 

An effective start for many companies involves a switch from printed, paper forms to computer-generated forms. Another step that will immediately impact the efficiency of your business, as well as save you money, is configuring your accounting software to email or fax client invoices and statements as opposed to printing and mailing them.

If you’re wondering how much money you can save by making an investment in a paperless system, Cabinet NG offers a Paperless Office ROI Calculator to provide you with a better idea.

Have I configured my hardware settings to those that not only make the most business sense, but save the most energy and money?

There are a variety of energy saving options available, not only laptops and desktops, but for monitors and peripheral devices.  Switching devices to energy-saving modes as well as purchasing devices with energy saving capabilities can greatly cut unnecessary expenses.

 If this is the first time you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, rest assured; you're not alone.  This is, however, a sign that there are many other ways you can begin saving immediately by switching to a more efficient, "green" business strategy.  You can implement many changes yourself, and if your needs evolve, or you need assistance developing a plan for your organization, we’re here round-the-clock to answer your questions. 


"Greener" Hardware

There are a variety of resources to explore when researching the purchase of new hardware.  A first step is to determine where you manufacturer falls on the green scale and what kind of services they offer.  Every quarter, Green Peace produces a report outlining different manufacturer green policies – this can help you determine everything from recycling policies for old machines to product energy consumption.

When buying workstations in bulk, your company can see tremendous benefits by choosing brands that use less power.  A service that can help you track down “greener” workstations and monitors is EPEAT – The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool.  There are also a variety of PC management tools that can help your IT provider get you the most of the PCs you already have in-house. 

If you have additional questions, or are interested in locating “greener” technology, our in-house procurement team can help you track down exactly what you’re looking for.



There are various alternatives to simply discarding used hardware.  Not only do most schools happily accept donations, but several organizations have been put in place to help reuse your old device locally.  For more information on local recyclers, refer to our Donating & Recycling Used Technology general resource page.  If you’re looking for additional alternatives in the state of California, a more complete listing is available here.

If your equipment is damaged, too old, or donating it is not the option of best fit, your next step should be to check in with your manufacturer. Many computer and general hardware manufacturers have take back programs in effect.  This often means that they will take back branded products free of charge and provide trade-in credits or discounts toward the purchase of replacement hardware.  The Computer Take Back Coalition keeps an updated report of manufacturers’ take back programs on its homepage.  Our Donating & Recycling Used Technology page has more details on this as well.


Taking the Next Step

If you need help taking the next step, please contact us for more information on our procurement and IT consulting services.  If you’re looking for other tips on how to save money in tough times, take a look at our Recession Proof Technology Tips.